About Mono & Lena

Hi there! I’m Noura and I am the founder/designer/maker behind Mono & Lena.

When the idea started to grow for Mono & Lena, there were a few things that had to be part of its values:

Low environmental impact

The first one, and probably the one that drives every decision, is that the process and products are kind to the environment and its inhabitants. I realise that by creating new products I am inevitably impacting our planet. But by using and handling these resources mindfully and respectfully, I can minimise that impact, for instance, by making sure that I have minimal waste from the making process and by filtering my wastewater to be reused for a next application.

I carefully choose my materials, and the suppliers I work with need to carry the same values as Mono & Lena. In regards to the packaging, I use only 100% plastic free that is reused, recycled, recyclable or biodegradable.

Equally, I strongly believe in giving back and showing gratitude towards this amazing planet for providing us with all the recourses we need. So I am very proud to say that Mono & Lena has partnered up with JUST ONE Tree, a non for profit organisation focused on reversing biodiversity loss through global reforestation. For every product sold, £1 is donated to JOT.

If you would like to know more about the amazing work the JOT team is doing, you can read all about it here

Supporting our local economy

Supporting our local economy doesn’t just only mean less CO2 and energy is needed to get supplies or materials from A to B, it also makes it easier to find suppliers and partners with the same values, and it keeps other small businesses like mine alive. Keeping my supplier base local and small also makes it easy for me to control and oversee every aspect of my business.

Made to last

Mono & Lena designs are created with functionality and longevity in mind to ensure the accessories will stand the test of time. Collections are not led by the latest trends but inspired by a clean, no-fuss aesthetic where colour & texture create interest and tactility. Each piece is individually hand-cast in my home studio in Kent, and although looking very similar, no two pieces are the same. Every item is made with the same level of love and attention to a very high standard. Jesmonite, the material I use, is extremely durable and impact-resistant, meaning that my accessories can be enjoyed for a very long time.