What’s in a name

April 14, 2021

This piece is for anyone who would like to know more about the meaning behind the name Mono & Lena and our product names.

Who are Mono & Lena? The answer is that they are fictional but also real… Fictional because Mono & Lena is not named after real people, and real because the words are taken from a real person’s name, mine.

My full name is Mokhtar Noura Leila Nadia (where Mokhtar is my surname, Noura is the name I go by and Leila & Nadia are my 2nd & 3rd first names). As you can see, the 2 first letters in of each of my names make Mono & Lena. It’s as simple as that!

As for our products names, I decided to choose tree related names. Trees are natures’ superheroes and as we do our bit giving back by planting trees I thought it would be fitting to choose names referring to them.

Alamo – meaning: poplar tree – origin: Spanish

Alani – meaning: orange tree – origin: Hawaiian

Ewan – meaning: born of the yew tree – origin: Scottish form of Gaelic

Liko – meaning: leaf bud – origin: Hawaiian Islands

Linnea – meaning: twinflower, lime tree – origin: Swedish

Olivia – meaning: olive tree – origin: Latin

Oliver – meaning: olive tree – origin: Latin

Rowan – meaning: rowan tree – origin: Scottish and Irish

Willow – meaning: willow tree – origin: English nature name